The ultimate knickknack for a cartridge collector

These ones are small,I have seen them made from 50 BMG and even 20 x 138 mm cases


This so called “trench art” is extremely common in the UK, made from all sizes of cases, from small arms round right through to artillery rounds. The most common items are shell case vases with names and dates of battles or floral designs engraved on them, and ash trays made from cut down artillery size cases, but all sorts of items can be found. My next door neighbour has a crucifix made from 8mm Lebel rounds. You often see this sort of thing at flea markets and in antique shops in the UK. Despite it being called “trench art”, apparently much of it was made years after the end of WW1 with recovered shell cases to sell to tourists visiting the battlefields of Europe. What calibres are yours made from?

these samples are 2 years old.A man who lives in a town not far from where I live makes these knickknacks from a great variety of cases.
The ones pictured above are from an italian 303 british/7.7 mm Breda and from a 38 Special case.
I agree,every month in gemona (not far from where I live) takes place a market where you can find a lot of so called “trench art” items