The ultimate Xmas Present


Perhaps a collector has room available. … =OfferList



Hmm, shouldn’t it be in a museum instead?


COOL!! Everybody needs a 22,000 ton displacement light carrier for their own. Just wish it still had ( and to make this a cartridge post) the (3) Goalkeeper 30mm (GAU-8) CIWS and the (2) 20mm GAM-B01 (Oerlikon) close in guns. Oh, and the aircraft, up to 22 of a mix of Harrier GR.7/9 and Sea King or Marlin Choppers. Cheers, Bruce.


Seems a waste of money for a carrier that took 7 years to build to only have a useful life of 30 years.


Yes, the ratio is somewhat odd. Has GB any other carriers left?


It should have been around longer. It has been retired early because the country is bankrupt.


I doubt that any revenue received from scrapping it would have any impact on the country’s finances - wouldn’t mothballing make more sense, or does Britain have enough of these carriers in its fleet to serve its future needs.


We have two more that are currently under construction, but once they are in service there will be no aircraft available for them for 10 years.

What I meant by the fact that the country is bankrupt is that we can’t afford to run the carrier anymore. It is not being scrapped to try and raise money.


Right, scrapping will bring just a couple of millions, nothing to gain from.