The Window Projectile


Here’s a mention of a projectile for naval use that I had never heard of before: the Window Projectile. Well, you live and learn…

By the way, if someone wants to read the rest of the book (which includes colour codes for navy 20 mm Oerlikon and Hispano-Suiza ammo, although there are no images), here’s the link:


Think I have read somewhere about chaff rockets, wouldn’t that be for the same purpose? (The german name would be “Düppelgranate” if I’m not mistaken ;-)
During the occupation window came down on occasion during raids and made a welcome christmas decoration since tinsel wasn’t available then.


Most 5" US Navy mounts carried at least one Window projectile and one Illuminating projectile in the ready room. The Window and Illuminating projectiles were basically the same except for the payload. Window projectiles were painted Aluminum and Illuminating projectiles were painted light Blue. I never had occasion to fire either one although it wouldn’t have been much of a treat since I would not have been able to see it anyway.



The Soviets developed chaff and IR decoy rounds for aircraft gun ammo…