Theft at SLICS

I’m sad to say that I had three mint WWII German MG151/20 rounds stolen from my table at SLICS this year. I guess I need to cover my table when I walk away. Probably a $500 loss for me.

Did anyone else lose anything, or was I the only unlucky one?


I don’t think you are alone, unfortunately. Sad commentary. I don’t feel at liberty to mention another incident I was told occurred, but perhaps the person it happened to will mention it.


Just got all my stuff from the show, both sales items and new collection rounds. I’ll look through it all carefully, hope nothing is missing.
Sorry to hear, Dave.

Now I know that I will just have to cover up my stuff when I’m not at my table… too bad because I’ve always assumed it was safe there.

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Most unfortunate and a real bummer:-(
This has occurred in the past and unfortunately when you have a show with collectable items the unscrupulous will be there to prey upon the table holders.

If possible invest in a show case and place nice items there in.

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I’m sorry to hear that happened. I’m planning on coming to the show next year and happy to bring a big stick and watch a table for anyone who needs to step away for a rest break.

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That’s a good idea.

Why don’t you bring a cassowary to guard tables?

I’ll tell you in person over a beer!

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I had a Walther rocket round stolen at SLICS several years ago. 99% sure where it went. Put anything of value under glass and be particularly careful of “in room” traders.

Lost a nato duds round, not sure if from room or on show floor.

It was in the your room Monday evening…I examined and several other deluxe rounds…but that was a crowded busy room ! (PS…I had a NEST camera on my 2018 aerial flechette display)

I have not had the pleasure of attending the SLICS show, but I have had tables at several dozen gun shows. I have had two items stolen that I know of, once was a friend brought the $250 item back after showing to a friend and just laid it on the table - it was another friends on consignment - that was irritating.
I have glass cases since then (unless I fly) - but I usually don’t fly.

We did not loose a Cal. 50 SLAP a mistake on my part. It was sold & the sale somehow wasn’t recorded. SO ALL GOOD here.


I bought a box of 5,56x45 first day and put it behind my table, have never found it again after the show ??

I am jumping in here for several reasons. First, in many cases, the victims of the show thefts are people whom I have met, or those leaders in our collecting community who do much to promote our fraternity and disseminate their considerable knowledge to others. We should support them. After all, their efforts support IAAI and us!

Second, I am involved in another collecting field that also holds frequent shows, open bourses, and auctions, all of which are open to the public. They have been experiencing rising problems suspiciously similar to those described by dak21 at SLICS and other IAAI members, and we should take note for that very reason.

Third, the MO of the thieves tends to follow two main approaches: They steal when tables are momentarily unattended or near the end of the bourse hours or, working in pairs, one steals the merchandise while the other is distracting the table holder.

In general, collectibles shows attract nefarious types with at least rudimentary knowledge of the market. They steal items that can be disposed of quickly for cash, and they are rarely caught unless they are detained before leaving the show.

There is a lot more I could say here to help dealers and encourage them to keep selling and displaying at shows, but this should start others chipping in their thoughts to assist each other.


I have 2 (4 foot) glass locked displays for a reason. Don’t worry about the nickle dime items, but if it cost a lot, lock it up.

I’ve learned my lesson not to be trusting anymore.

A simple solution that can be crafted is to set up multiple high-mount wifi cams that would be aimed down at the tables. Something goes missing, then just review the tape, and identify the problem. As a detterent it would ward off virtually all issues anyway if it were made prominent. All of the major show halls in big city resorts, hotels, and casinos have installed security cameras anyway. I’m actually surprised that the Renaissance doesn’t.

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The police are not interested in small theft amounts. That leaves the show to provide a security force to monitor cameras, enforce tresspass etc.

The best thing you can do is lock your stuff up unfortunately.