Theft at SLICS

Notice that the missing items are all somehow special so whoever does it knows something about ammo, it is not a random walk-in.

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Or they are attracted by the price tag…

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Bingo to SKSVLAD! You hit the nail on the head.

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There really aren’t any “random walk-ins”, just unrecognized closet collectors who do know something about cartridge rarity and pricing. Could be any show attendees, one-day or six-day. Let’s not start branding anyone we don’t know a potential thief.

Man that is really sad. One of the many things I love about this circle is the comradery. I wouldn’t have expected a theft within our ranks from the people I have met.

It happens every year, at every cartridge show. Sometimes it is more serious and noticeable.

And not only at SLICS! I have had items walk off my table at European meetings. It is generally not common but it has happened at one time or another at all the meetings I have attended.


As Lew says, it is a common problem in Europe too!