Theft report

In the late Winter of 09 hundreds of collector cartridges and fuzes were stolen from one of my storage bays in NorthEastern Ohio. The thieves took as many as 50 ammo cans of items in 2 trips. They apparently had a car as they left behind far more than they took. If they had a truck it would have been worse.

The theft included items from the German fuze collection which was recovered by Col. Jarrett at Hillersleben Proving grounds in 1945.

As a result of continued effort on the part of collector Pat Burns of Ohio I have been able to recover about 50 rare items from local auctions.

Much of the material was sold through a series of auctions at a local auction house. He was unable to attend all of the auctions but did save some excellent pieces for me.

There is still plenty more out there and I am always interest in hearing about lots of collector ammo and fuzes sold in the NorthEastern Ohio area.

One of the recovered fuzes has been stolen and recovered twice.

I have had several recent inquires about the status of this situation. There is no on going investigation. I have recovered some of the items by purchase in the area of the theft. I purposely did not report the theft to the local police in order to keep it out of the local paper. Publishing the story locally would have alerted the thieves and they would have gone further to dispose of the items. As it was they consigned items to local auctions and some were recovered.

I still see my items show up from time to time on Ebay and Gunbroker but there is no use on pursuing a complaint there. If they are items which I especially like I buy them back.

A collector in the N.E. Ohio area who I have known for many year has recovered about 50+ items for me by purchase. His name is Pat Burns.

The most valuable items which were not stolen have been removed from the area and security beefed up.

The police , local , country , state and FBI have all been advised and have reported back nothing.

I am not troubled by this. Police have far more important things to do in this dangerous world than look for my fuzes. They risk their lives every day. The owe me nothing. If some of my items fall into their hands it will be a gift.