Hello from the newest IAA member (I joined today)!

Hmmm, let’s see. My name is Rich Miranda. I’m a Christian and I hail originally from Los Angeles (a real city boy, I am), but now I live in south Texas and plan to stay. I just turned 35. I’ve been married for 14 years and have two children, 8 and 2, and another due in September.

I’ve been in the transportation industry (buses) since I was 18. I’ve done everything from driver, dispatcher, and trainer, to various levels of management. I lost my last management job and I’m back to driving. I have always enjoyed it, I just wish it paid better.

I found an interest in ammo after I moved to Texas and got into guns (I enjoy shooting and I have my CHL as well). As I studied the ammo I realized that it was a whole separate genre! I thought it might be neat to collect cartridges, so I started a thread on a gun forum I frequent. A member there referred me here. I asked a few questions here and received such a warm reception that I decided to stick around.

This is me, my son, and a friendly cow we met at the San Antonio Rodeo. I may keep the company of cows, but they are pretty cows.

Replies welcome!