This mysterious Bullet pulled out of the ground

Hello everyone! So while I was metal detecting in the Netherlands, Overijssel, I found a bullet, still active but… it had no bullet… only a flat copper piece covering tepee place where the bullet should’ve been… I cleaned the Headstamp as good as I could… but I really want to know it’s origin… type of bullet and manufacturer… I’ll post a foto within a day about it… but the headstamp sayed this 38 S* P -2… as far as I can tell…

Regards Tom…

German 7.9 cartridge case, Brass ( S*) 1938 manufacture, Factory P.2… lot no. Missing.

A photo would help.

Doc AV

Ill be working untill 3 Pm for me So when Im home ill post the pictures… but still really apreaciate the help!


Here are the pictures! I found it at about 20cm in the ground… If thats helpfull

Tom, als eerste, hartelijk welkom hier in het forum.
Sorry guy’s.

The case, an 8x57 is made by Polte, Magdeburg. ( P ) , case brass S* 2th lot from 1938.
This case was used for the production of SmK Lsp.
What I think to see is the back of the tracer element of the SmK Lsp bullet.
The top of the bullet is corroded away.


The round looks like this, in better day’s.


Moi… but really Thanks to you all for helping me out on this one… This was the first time I had gone metal detecting and was amazed that I even found something… and to now know the origin of it is really amazing for me… so thank you all for helping! Oh and does any of you have a good method to clean this guy? Cuz I’ve been trying for days to get it clean and I just can’t get him… but still a lot of thanks!

I metal detected near AAchen when I lived in Landgraff 1993-2000 - it was fun and I found plenty of 8mm and 30-06 :)

Tom, just a small reminder: If you do not have an ammunition collector’s permit (WM10), or a gun permit for this caliber, the round, even in this condition, is illegal to own in the Netherlands.

Only shot spent cartridge cases may be owned without a license.
Bullets, intact primers: No go without a license.

Uhm… I need to get that bullet out of the cartridge then…

And the primer touched… but by law you are not allowed to do either…

The cartridge itself has no value other than the possibility to provide you a ‘strafblad’. Turn it in at the local police department and forget about it.

If you are serious about collecting ammunition, contact the NVBMB and obtain an ammunition collecting permit.

Yeah… ill do that, ill contact local police. and I just read the law about it… how is it with empty cardriges…? So only the bullet casings… I did not understand What the law Said about those… those are legal to have…? Correct?

Empty fired cases are ok in limited quantities.

Okay… good to know. I contacten the police and they said the same thing as you did… so thanks for letting me know!