This weekends gun show finds

I got these at a small local gun show. I was very surprized to see them at this small show.



Try again.

A very nice “discovery”. Some of the sweetest stuff comes from small shows. Are these 12g shotgun rounds?

Hi Vlad
Paradox loads, where the last two inches of a smooth bore shot shell gun was rifled.

This two inches of rifling was the end of the trial & error to develop a workable (accurate) shell for use in Africa when while out hunting a bird for dinner you might often run into a buffalo who wanted to make a mud-pie out of you.

Evolved from “Cape guns” where one barrel was fully rifled & the other smooth. This two inches of rifling didn’t much effect the shot pattern so it was a paradox.

The one on the left is a Leslie Taylor design / patent. He was managing director of Westley Richards. The one on the right appears to be a waisted lead slug probably with a copper tube in the nose, Sometimes seen crimped at the slug waist to prevent movement during firing, & sometimes just crimped at the mouth.
The middle variation is probably the most uncommon.

Zac, great items!

Thanks for answering that all for me. I kind of knew the answer but I was not sure. I would not have been nearly as clear about it as you were. Thanks again,