Thomas French machine gun belts (Brochure)

From a Thomas & French brochure, undated but I suspect it’s a commercial one and post 1945.



Many thanks Pete

So…has anybody seen a Thomas French dummy in .30-06? I’ve come across several of the .303 but I’ve never seen a similar dummy in .30-06.

None here, but perhaps there was no need for this same unique style?

French could have perhaps easily acquired Remington (or other) Cal. 300 dummies to develop the belt loading machine?

Perhaps rejected US supplied ammunition was inerted and used?

Fair point Pete. The use of rejected US components might explain the disproportionaly large number of .30-06 ‘Home Guard’ dummies found over here.


Wonderful, thank you !! … I only have photocopies I made of originals held at the Leeds Armouries.

I’ve no idea how I missed these first time around, but better late than never.


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