Thomas French & Sons Belts, Clips & Links Brochures, Circa 1940's & 1950's

PDFs, click on blue link to open.

Cartridge Belts, Links, Chargers, Clips for MGs & RIfles, Thomas French & Sons L., Britain, 1940s…pdf (5.8 MB)

Cartridge Belts, Links, Chargers, Clips, Belt Filling Machines, Thomas French & Sons L. 1950’s.pdf (3.1 MB)


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Great documents. Thanks a lot for the links!

Excellent reading! Thanks very much for putting this up!


One of the best posts I’ve seen on the IAAFORUM !!! Tom from MN

What are white ants and why they want to hurt Vickers machine gun belts?

White ants = termites; which I suppose could attack/eat fiber MG belts