Thomas pointed Bullet

I had a closer look at some pointed bullets of which I thought would be the “Thomas” type.
I noted that the 172 grain type had a closed base whereas
you can see the lead core of the 150 grain types.
Allthough the 172 grain bullet has a closed base, it is not an even surface.
Left 150 grain bullet, right 172 grain bullet

Can anybody confirm that the 172 grain bullets have a closed base or is
this another type of bullet.



I have a box of Rem-UMC 30 Cal 172 grain Thomas Pointed bullets and they have a very uniform open base just like the one on the left in your photo.

The go-to guy is probably 30 Army (Randy). He knows everything about the Thomas bullets. ;) The Thomas or Hudson-Thomas bullets were used in both of the Cal 30 cartridges.

As you probably already know, the Thomas bullets were used quite a bit for the early Palma, Olympic, and International ammunition. Both 180 and 220 grain bullets. I can’t find any reference to the 172 grain bullets being used for these cartridges.


Rene…If you are referring to the Thomas “Pencil Point” 172 gr bullet, all of the ones I have are “open” at the base with the lead core showing…


Here are some, if not all, of the Hudson-Thomas and Hudson bullets. I may be off on some of the dates, but have not yet gone back and “re-researched” this…


sorry for not being precise.
Yes, I mean the “pencil point” bullet.
Pls see below (left to right)
early M1906 bullet
150 grain “Thomas” from case marked U.M.C. 2-10 (primer with U and underscore)
172 grain “Thomas” from case marked U.M.C. 2-10 (primer marked U only)
M1 Bullet

Another 150 grain Thomas was found on a steel case dummy marked FA 43, which I will
put in the drawer “home made” unless Chris P. tells me different.
The 150 grain bullets actually weight only 146/147 grains, but that could be my scale as well.


Let me offer this. I copied these from a 1913-14 Remington catalog. It shows the 30-40 Krag loaded with a 172 grain Thomas Pointed bullet and the 30-06 Springfield loaded with a 160 grain Thomas Pointed bullet.


Can anyone provide the lengths of the various pointed bullets? I’m shooting a cast bullet with a shape that is similar to the 203, 190, and 180gr pointed bullets. I was just wondering which one it was most like. Can’t go by weight, as it varies by alloy. For instance, in my alloy the bullet weighs 183gr, but others using wheelweights report a weight closer to 200gr. Length of my cast bullet is 1.272". It is Night Owl Enterprise’s version of the Lyman 311365. Works pretty good out of my Krag rifle, a .775x.850 five shot iron sight group at around 65yds. Going close to 2000fps too!

FWIW, the 172 grain bullets that I have measure 1.250" (31.8mm).


I can confirm Rene’s observation that the “150 grain” Thomas pencil-point bullet doesn’t weigh 150 grains; at least not all of 'em. The pencil-point bullet in my “UMC 3-09” M1906 case weighs 147 grains and is 28.5 m/m (1.122 in.) OA. A Hornady 150 checked at the same time weighed out at 150 grains. Jack

Thanks guys, based on the length of the 172, looks like mine would be closer in weight, shape and length to the 180gr that’s 2nd up from the bottom in 30Army’s illustration. My cast bullet is pointier though. Wonder what velocity they loaded the 180s to in the Krag?