Thompson Ammunition

A very interesting Auto-Ordnance table c. 1926 showing the calibers in which the Thompson submachine gun was offered. The 9 mm Mauser gun was a BSA Model 1926 made for tests in Belgium.

I have read about the Thompson chambered for the .351 Winchester, but there must not have been many made. Due to the cartridge length and power, I’d expect that the design for a Thompson to handle it would have been far different from those in .45 ACP or smaller cartridges.

Dennis, contemporary sources state that only one prototype was made using a standard 20" barrel and a 1000 rpm action. Another odd-looking prototype was also made to handle the .30-06!

The Thompson Autorifle is covered in Hatcher’s, here’s what proports to be a picture. Lame source, I know.

Tau, thanks, but I mean the one that looks like a Thompson smg but in .30-06. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can.

Now that is something I hadn’t heard of before.

Thanks Fede, that’s a great find!

I presume that in the more powerful loadings like the Remington-Thompson and .351 the Blish hesitation lock might actually have done a useful job?

Tau, this is the prototype in .30-06 caliber: