Thread with new content

Brain, did this thread show up as “new” after I had added the photo?
In my listing here it is not the case and it seems the forum software AGAIN is failing…

I am not Brian, of course, but my observation:
When about 1 hour ago (your message is from 4 minutes ago) I looked at the forum, the thread in question showed as changed after my last visit and when I looked at it, your new photo of a live CS round from manufacturer IDC was presented. Hope this helps.

P.S. Your photo was added 7 hours ago, according to the list.


Just saw your post and as JP said your post with the new photo was available to me around 7+ hours ago.

I know there are occasional problems with the Forum. Such as others have stated in recent posts, when writing a new post the preview box is empty so you have to write your post then post and make corrections as need after posting the thread.


i can’t see the cursor, or a highlight to delete or copy, or a highlighted wrong spelling in a post.

So I found if I click in the right / preview box & then come back into the input box, then I can see the above faults.

Strange enough as this was meant and sent as a private message to Brian…


Well it looks like there are even more issues with posting on the Forum! :-(


Yeah, I’ve had that problem before too.