Threads not listed as having new content

I just posted something in this thread and it is not being shown as having new postings.

I put it here so the admins chan ckeck as I had it many times that I found old threads with new entries which were never flagged to me as having new contents. This includes those where I had posted before and got further questions and subsequently never answered them.
I also noticed that this is happening to other users.
This shall not be the way it works.

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When l opened the Forum webpage on my phone your repost on the old thread was listed as having new content.

I do know from my own experience and feed back from one other Forum member that forum functions are not always consistant.
At times when I type in the REPLY box, the box on the right does NOT show how my reply will appear on the Forum.


Brian, yes, there is more than one bug maybe.

The 30mm thread still does not list on top in my system.

May not be relevant, but I notice when I reply to a post and then refresh the list (on Internet Explorer, not a phone browser), my reply does not “bump” the post to the top as new. Perhaps because you typed it, the forum does not count it as new to you but does for others?

Scratch that. Did this time, although showed it as read. Still moved it to the top.

No, normally all threads with new content are listed top. No matter if I posted last or someone else.
And as I wrote it happens to threads with other people who posted last too.

The thing is that there is no recognizable pattern as for the failure to list top. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not.

The new posts feature doesn’t work very well for me but the “latest posts” feature seems to show all the new activity reliably.

This is what I now realize I have been doing as well. My bookmark takes me to the Latest page rather than the New page.