Threat to ammo collecting in North Carolina


Based on the ludicrous idea that a criminal with an illegal gun will bother getting permit to buy ammo, there is a serious proposal in North Carolina to require a permit to purchase ammunition of any type. Reporting is fuzzy and it may actually apply only to “bullets” not to “cartridges” but either is silly. Still, they are serious, and if enough idiots buy into the idea, cartridge collectors and honest gun owners will bear the burden and there will be no benefits in terms of greater safety. Cartridge collectors NEED to get involved with gun rights groups to help fight silly laws like this.


I predicted a long time ago, as I am sure many others did, that the gungrabbers would eventually realize that ammo control might be another angle of attack to the Second Amendment…If voters allow it, they win. Freedoms aren’t always appreciated by a sleepy public, until it’s too late. Dan