Three 30-06 rounds

I’ve spent the evening with Chris’ book and a pile of ammunition. So far, these three seem the most interesting. Comments are most welcome.

The one on the left appears to be a Grenade Blank M1 but the head stamp is F A 4. The primer is crimped and has red varnish. I wonder if the 2nd number did not show up (I looked with a strong glass and there is no trace) but if it were made in the 1940’s shouldn’t it read FA RG?

The middle one seems to be a M1909 Blank but the headstamp is F A 10 04 and a note on the case says it is from an 03 case. Note the 2 rings on the neck and it has a waxed cup wad. The primer is sealed but not crimped.

The 3rd is simply a Guard Cartridge but an early ‘late model’. Its headstamp is F A 6 10 (My first one)

I tried scanning and photographing the heads but nothing worked very well. There are plenty more so I’ll be busy for a while!


The first is a WWII M3 Grenade cartridge. It was headstamped with an older bunter that has had the other number ground off. A cost saving measure. Probably a 1943 bunter used in 1944.

On the second one, you will find Blanks made from just about any surplus cases and headstamps. I’ve not seen one that looks exactly like yours. Primers were not crimped on the 03 or early 06 cartridges.

The third is an M1906 Guard Cartridge, a later one. The earlier ones had 5 grooves or rings running around the case.

OK, now it’s time for Chris to correct my misteaks. ;)