Three Unknown 9x19 Headstamps in NRA article

I received an email from the NRA-ILA today and above one of the articles was a photo that had nothing to do with the article but which pictured three 9mm Luger headstamps which I didn’t recognize. If you look closely below, most rounds are headstamped “9mm” in fairly large characters, but some are “9MM” and the one with the snapped primer snd some others are “9mm” in quite small letters.

Does anyone recognize this photo or have any idea of it’s source???

Can anyone identify the maker of the cases and loader of the ammunition???

Any suggestions on finding where this box is today???

This all never ends does it???


Lew, it is quite possible that this is an edited royalty free picture. See this earlier thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13735

And isn’t that grand!!! Be grateful for it.

If the headstamps are real, and not photoshoped images to remove the manufacturer, then they are reminiscent of the PMP version, which had the “9 MM” over the top of the primer, instead of the bottom like the ones shown. Also this one is upper-case M instead of lower-case:

Google Image Search shows that this image has been used in several NRA-ILA postings, but nowhere else.

Looking closely, it looks like the image has been Photoshopped to remove any maker marks but leaving the 9mm.