Three unknown rimmed military rounds

2 of these are alike,and have no markings on their base.
Dia is .308 case lgth 2.078
The other one has markings DC 16 Vii on head
Dia .310 case lgth 2.215


Just because I am in Orange County, NY, I’ll guess at .303 Brit and 8mm Lebel.

The cartridge with the smaller diameter base and headstamped “DC 16 VII” is a Mark VII loading of the .303 British cartridge made by Dominion Cartridge Company, of Canada. The other two rounds are French-made 8m/m Lebel cartridges.

While we are happy to answer questions on this Forum, I would suggest that you obtain a copy of either the new book shown recently on this Forum, or Cartridges of the World, published by Digest Books Inc. I either would be a good, entry-level reference for you, and help you a lot.

For headstamp identification, check the list on this website. It is a bit of a mess, and hopefully one day will be improved upon, but it still holds a lot of good information.

DC 16 VII .303" MkVII by Dominion Cartridge Co. Canada 1916.

For the 8 mm Lebel cartridge,here is a good link

They should have a bigger bullet diam than the meausered 308" :about 323".
They have headstamps on their bases,look at them using a magnifying glass

There are markings on the outside of the Lebel cases.
I will try to avoid frivolous questions,in the future.


I think I speak for most of us on the Forum when I say that there are no frivolous questions. Ask away. None of us claim to know everything and it’s how we all learn.


Thank you,but I understand that some data can be had by looking it up myself.
I read the newly discovered headstamps on the 8mm Lebel cartridges,and found,myself,that they were both made in feb 1918;one at Touloose,the other at Paris.
Not having that ID book,I will continue to ask questions,here.
I have 5 more,today.
Four are made by Remington(u),the other,I dunno.
All are old.


The big rimfire with the bottlenecked copper case and “U” headstamp looks like a 10.4mm Swiss Vetterli round. This round was made by Union Metallica cartridge Co., Bridgeport CT, most likely before WW1. This cartridge was made in the USA to be fired in the many thousands of Swiss Vetterli military rifles sold off as surplus. This one is obviously a misfire, as it has the distinctive mark of the Vetterli’s double firing pins, which are set at 180 degrees from each other.

As for the other rounds, please could you type out the headstamps, I can’t see them in the photos.

I agree,the first one is a 10,4 mm Vetterli rimfire.It is struck but not fired ( typical Vetterli double pin signs )

The rimfires on the right looks like 38 short to me,but it is difficult without dimensional data.Please include bullet diam,case lenght,OAL,base and rim diameter for a quickly identification

In the second picture on the left there is a 7,63 mm Mauser or a 7,65 mm Borchardt ( both have the same case).However,I have a 7,65 mm Borchardt that is identical to your round.
The round on the right looks like a 38 S&W

As above,please include some dimensional data

I see the 38 S&W has a beveled base; that and its lack of a headstamp indicate it is an older one.

I had measured the cartridges,but neglected to mention it in the post.
The two small rim fire remingtons:bullet dia…316 case lgth .546
The bottlenecked cartridge: bullet dia…309 case lgth .990
The remington cartridge:bullet dia…350 case lgth .710

The two small rimfires are 32 Short’s