Throwing down the gauntlett

Hi IAA Members,

My grandpa was a tank driver back in the day, I found what I believe are tank projectiles from him. I would like to keep them, but I want to make sure they’re safe / legal. My best guess is that he was in the Canadian military, but he travelled the world a lot and spent a few years in Europe and Africa too.

So I’m throwing out what is hopefully an easy challenge in identifying the following 2 projectiles. Please let me know what type of projectile this is / if it’s safe. I can then determine if it’s legal, and hopefully end up keeping these collectables without safety concerns.


Details (Large plugged - flat top):
Length: ~34.5 cm
Diameter: ~9 cm
Markings: No 17 TZ /41 (on the nose)
*These are old, and bit rusty. The 17 could be something else

Details: (Smaller - black top)
Length: ~24.5 cm
Diameter: 8cm
J7 PR 77 ? / ?
JMR 13/4?
*A?CRC might be APCBC


If in doubt as to the status of the projectiles, seek the assistance of the relevant authorities.

Possible identification -

First - Shell, Q.F., 3.7 IN, could be H.E. or Coloured Bursting. It is fitted with Plug, Fuze Hole, 2 inch, No. 17. If the projectile was 100% original, which it isn’t, this would suggest an H.E. projectile. Coloured Bursting was issued with a No. 24 Plug.
(3.7 inch - 95mm)

The 3.7" H.E. was fitted with a No. 11 Gaine (under the plug). These invariably were fitted with a Lead Azide detonator. Incorrect storage +
moisture + Lead Azide + Brass = Very sensitive Azide salts. The SOP for 3.7" H.E. blinds was destroy in situ.

Second - 17Pr/77mm - APCBC

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’ll try and make contact with an artillery officer in the army and hopefully they can determine their status or point me in the right direction. It’d be a shame to dispose of them if they were safe.

Thanks again,

It is good to see the safety aspect mentioned when projectiles are found.
Your 3.7" shell would weigh 28 Lbs if loaded and have markings of the model about half-way up the shell body. It would be simple to weigh it and see if empty or not.
Your 17 Pr APCBC is safe with a fired tracer and is missing the metal ballistic cap and fired bands.

Hi Ron,

The weight of the 3.7" shell is 23.4 Lbs, but there are markings. They’re not too clear, but I believe they say:

16873 *6 is unclear, may be an 8
C *May be G, or 6
IO (first is capital i) * O unclear, may be 0 or 6
8 H *8 unclear, H looks to be carved by hand

There is also a blue swab of paint on it, and a hole with threads near the tips, can see the threads of the plug when looking into it.

Thanks for your input and sharing your knowledge.