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I’m new to this forum. I have a number of .38 Special THV rounds (French made from the SFM company). Just wondering as to collector interest in such ammunition? Here are a couple of photos:



These rounds, while not rare, have not been made for some time now. I would call collector interest in them as very high. The box is probably as desireable as any one of the cartridges, as it is, I believe, and earlier one. “THV” stands for “Trev Haute Vitesse” or “Ver High Velocity,” and the ammunition was made by Societe des munitions Francaise (S.F.M.) in France.

The only caveat I would make is that there are some places in the USA where this ammunition is illegal.

Nice find. The box is lovely.


More about the ammo, and the South African Monad developments, here:


Thanks for all the information. I actually fired a fair number of these rounds (.38 Special, .45 ACP and, if memory serves, 9x19mm) back in the mid-1980s. They are VERY HOT!! Flat primers every time. Chronographed them as well and the numbers shown in the information site are accurate. I fired one round (.45 from my steel frame Combat Commander) into a large block of clay during a training exercise. The hole it created was truly formidable and I’m not characterizing it’s size for fear of being accused of hyperbole. At close range I cannot imagine a more effective handgun round.



One last thing. I saw this .38 Special THV round being offered on GunBroker: … =205275918

The seller is starting the bid at $85 dollars!?! Perhaps the gentleman is sniffing too much Hoppe’s 9…

Could someone be so kind as to let me know what a reasonable value would be for such a round (and the box as well).

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Yeah I saw that guy on Gunbroker and the very high price. I emailed him and told him that those cartridges typically sell for $15.00 or maybe up to $25 at cartridge shows. Your box shown above is a rare box though. It’s a sample box of some sort. Your box might be worth more than several cartridges. The states where THV cartridges are illegal to possess without an FFL class 10 or 11 license (not that there’s any enforcement or awareness) are: IL, CA, TX, NJ, KY, RI, FL, and Wash D.C.


Hello Rich,

Do you still have any of the THV boxes in .45 acp?

Butch Daubner


I was informed by a friend in the RSA,(now deseased),that there were three(3) varients of the RSA 7.62 x 39mm. THV. Any one have photos they can post? Thanks.
Charles.J.Wells (JacK)
SGM. USA. Ret.


Correction to my last posting ,I should have written RSA 7.62 x 39 “MONAD” not THV
SGM. USA. Ret.



The THV, esp. in .357M, are typically ‘hot’. Their terminal effect however is less than the best JHPs loads in respective calibers.

The advantages to the THV are, in my estimation, the penetration of certain barriers, and maximizing the wounding effect on a non-expanding bullet when a person is restricted to such loads. The ones I’ve fired also had less perceived recoil (albeit with increased balst/flash) than standard-for-cartridge bullets loaded to the same pressures, and a very flat trajectory.

When fired into standardized tissue simulants such as 10% gel, the effect is not that impressive.

If memory serves, that is an ‘early’ production box (?). Great find!


Jack, there was a version in the standard x39 case, and another in a case that was significantly longer, possibly from a blank load case.


EOD,and JonnyC, many thanks to you both, greatly appreciated.As a note,it’s cold in Carolina,bur


Jack, if there was a third, I don’t have it.


Jon, the missing one is the 1st model in a regular case with a deep seated projectile. Due to feeding problems the 2nd model had the projectile seated further out. Finally the 3rd model used in deed a blank case to give better support to the seated projectile.


Here you have a slightly different one with a dated headstamp:


Here is the other 7.62x39 type shown at left, that EOD mentions (cartridge photo courtesy of Will Reuter):

I wrote the caption in. I assumed they were considered part of the Monad project and labeled them as such.