THV - rare deal online

I came across this seller in my daily searches of AP keywords, and he is selling some .45 THV bullets from South Africa and on of all places; EBAY.

As soon as somebody from Ebay notices they will probably cancel his listing because they are utterly against anything munition related even just projectiles or inerted cartridges as far as I have noticed recently. It is actually legal for us here in the U.S. to receive shipment of these since they are projectiles only, and since it is not “commercial importation” - for profit as defined by the 1986 anti pistol-AP law. So have at it while you can, his price is reasonable.


Is $5 per bullet really a fair price? Are these bullets a real PD alternative or just a gimmik? I have never shot one although I do have a couple in my collection, just for reference.

I don’t want to start a whole new discussion on the THV bullets and ammo but have to ask the questions.


The price, even with shipping figured in, will seem too much for most seasoned collectors who are used to running into a few THV cartridges at the cartridge shows, but to the average collector online who rarely comes across any loaded examples, it’s a deal. I have only one example of a loaded .45acp THV and I have been looking and buying for 4 years now. With these I can actually load up a few shooters to test , or sell some to other straining collectors who don’t make the cartridge shows.

there is a factory here in Italy that still produces THV style bullets in various calibers like 9 mm and others.

I don’t know if they will send stuff overseas but you could test for a while at low prices ( still more expensive than any FMJ bullet pistol,anyway)

With regards to the THV for ‘social’ use: modern jacketed hollowpoint ammunition surpasses the wounding potential of the THV and most other unusual-bullet ammunition. The only real advantage to that type of projectile is the penetration of certain barriers.

In countries where JHPs use is prohibited, then some types of exotic projectiles might offer better capability than standard LRN, JRN, FMJ and other ‘vanilla’ bullets.

In a number of gel lab tests I’ve participated in, I’ve seen many ‘exotic’ rounds fail to perform as advertised and/or fail to perform adequately for personal defense, military or law enforcement use.

I’d like obtain some for my collection, but I’m much more likely to pay more $$ from a knowledgeable seller here stateside that I can actually communicate with (like the folks on this board) than do an online international transaction.



Thanks for that. Kinda what I expected.

Check your PMs.


I figured I would fill out my THV collection stateside also, especially at SLICS a couple months ago, but I only found a few sellers with 9mm examples, and one .32acp. I havent’ seen a .45 THV on Gunbroker in 3 years either, and despite their relative commonality amongst various other AP pistol types, they just aren’t around much anymore. So $40.00 for 12 projectiles which I can reload is a deal. The guy spoke perfect English and offered loading instructions.