Time Zone?

What is the time zone that attaches to our posts?.

The time now is 7.25am Wednesday in London.

Well here in Wimbledon it is 0740, but we are a bit west of you!


In your profile you can set the time zone that’s displayed on posts.
Mine is set GMT-5 (Eastern US) and your post shows that it was made at 1:26 and TonyE’s at 1:41 (my time).
BTW, it’s 5:40 in the morning here, but due to Daylight Savings Time, it shows up as being 4:40

The system time is set to GMT -6, and not corrected for Daylight Savigns Time. When I set up the new forum, I chose GMT -6 because that is U.S. Central Standard Time… and that’s the time zone SLICS is in!


So…if I understand correctly it’s 16.32 hrs here but 10.32 hrs there and 09.32 hrs elsewhere, unless Daylight Saving Time is in force, which it is here so really it’s 17.32 hrs here…OK I get it… ;-)

Except Arizona, which has the common sense to stay away from DST. We never have to change our clocks or watches.

But the easiest way out of this mess is to retire. Since I did that 15 years ago I no longer own a watch and could not care less what time it is.

;) ;)


Ray, glad there is a kindred soul out there that does not have a permanent ring on his wrist. Only clock I pay any attention to is our hall one with a pendulum that when the battery gets low it still keeps time but the pendulum stops :-)


Ray The option of retiring would be one that appeals to me very much but with two teenage sons , both of whom are going to be in full time education for years to come thats not going to happen.

Besides, my company pension has probably devalued to peanuts in the past few weeks.