Tin of Kynoch; "Tubular Anvils for 251 dia. caps"?

What are these things for? Anything to do with reloading shotgun shells?

A discussion of them (without any clear answers) is here:

forums.gunboards.com/showthread. … ost1059389

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Yes for reloading / installing anvils in percussion caps & made in several sizes.
Also perhaps more common in the “down under” countries, and seen with the ICIANZ Limited name.
Less common with Eley or Kynoch (at least here in the USA)

Where these used to replace the anvils in shotgun primers at the time caps were being replaced? I understand this was once done, though at this time people replace the entire shotgun primer as a unit and do not replace the caps.

Yes usually shotgun, but remember some shot gun shells take a battery cap style primer while others used what is basically a percussion cap with an anvil. So the need for various size anvils to fit the various size caps.
These could also be used in reloading rifle cartridges, provided the right size cap / anvil was obtained.
What the .251 diameter size fit’s I don’t know for sure and don’t want to guess.
The tins I have mostly note for “PERCUSSION CAPS” nothing about a type of firearm, and some of the 4 listed sizes are:
“No. 1"
”.197 Gauge".