Tineye website great for image ID

I just bumped into this great web site called Tineye tineye.com/, you upload an image and it scans internet to match it with information. Sometimes symbols are posted here asking what they mean. This may be helpful. I uploaded an old German lithograph and it found all the info in seconds. Very handy.

It looks like that site only searches for exact matches for an image. Very hand to see if an image has been used by other sites (with or without permission).

If you want similar images, which might include versions that are cropped to smaller or larger sizes, or just look similar but not an exact match, then you can use Google image search. Open up the Google page and in the search bar there is a camera symbol. Click on the camera and enter the URL location of the image you are trying to match and click on search to find all sorts of images that are visually similar.