Tins full of pinfire caps

Came across 3 tins full of caps for reloading pinfire cartridges on Gunbroker of all places.


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I was wondering who snagged those.

O.K., I am confused…
Do those caps have a pinfire teat on them, or, what am I missing???
They just look like a percussion cap to me.

These are the style that would’ve been used to reload pinfire shotshells with reloading tools. I’m sure they could’ve been used for other things too.

According to Paul Molans they were made by Gevelot.

Aaron, how do you reload a pinfire cartridge?

With a tool like this! https://www.henrykrank.com/antiques/antique-shooting-accessories/moulds-loading-tools/a-12-bore-pinfire-loading-tool-in-12-gauge-by-w-bartram.html

This is too brainy for me. Is there a simplified schematic or an animation which shows stages of reloading? I can’t understand by looking at the tool.

Paul Molans is actually writing an article on this very topic that should be in not the next journal but the one after.

I don’t know if an easy schematic that shows it though. Some day I’ll pic up one of those tools and make a video or something which would make it clear.

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what is the box label ?

No label.

with no label it will be more difficult.
When you get them give the inside, outside and length. It will help.

This a production SFM and not Gevelot


you could also by tins of spare pins - see attached pic.
To use the tool as seen in Aarons post is is a simple procedure all done by hand.
The pin is first pulled out by inserting into the small hole at the bottom of the tool and tightening the wing nut, this grips the pin allowing it to be withdrawn, thus allowing the fired cap to be shaken out. A new cap is the placed into the square hole at the top of the tool and the shell case is pushed down onto this . The top portion of the tool (the bullet shaped bit is spring loaded and when pushed down a fixed internal bar rises up and seats the new cap.
The pin or a new one is pushed back into place by using the steel lever on the side which seats the pin to

the correct depth.

Jim Buchanan


Or you have a box of pins and primers already put together.

Regards rené



attached a pic of some more pinfire loading tools from England and Europe.



Great, if I see it at a show, at least I’d know what to call it.

Nice Pinfire tins , packet and reloading tools. Accessories are very collectable.
I have a W.Bartram 4 bore reloader.

Nice photos Jim and René. Thank you for posting!

Here is my article on the topic from a few years ago:

Also, @ron3350 I would love to see pictures of that 4 bore reloader


Thanks for sharing .

My Bartram 4 bore Pinfire loader.
Shown with a 16ga loader and a 4 bore

100mm SFM Pinfire case for size.