Tins full of pinfire caps

How large are they, say compared to a No. 10, or No. 11, percussion cap?

The length of percussion caps for reloading pinfire shells could be a critical issue. Some modern No.11 caps are too long to fit into the space in the shell head recess.

The diameter of the cap is the important feature, as it the length if your wanting to use a non-pinfire or just a small percussion cap. It should fit the pin.

This is a collecting specialty all unto its own. The pins can be found separately and have a little nipple like end machined onto them, the primers are also found separately & they can be found both assembled together as they are in this box. It’s for 16ga pinfire shotshells and is full of brass pins 0.820" long & 0.090" in diameter with a small copper percussion cap placed on the nipple end. The cap is 0.088" diameter by 0.175" long - basically a 2mm cap. Tiny.

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I found this in a box I have not been into for a few years… Is this the same thing?
Sometimes I do tend to believe I may possibly have a tad too much stuff and too
little room…

They look too big to me, Jack, compare the size to the outside of a pinfire pin.

I believe these are percussion caps.

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The serrations on the outside were there primarily to allow the cap to “slide” down the nipple with less force having to be exerted on it, by way of weakening the side wall of the cap and reducing resistance. These serrations would undoubtedly have had other benefits for manufacture and in use, like less likely to fly, more simple to control size on manufacture, etc… With this in mind it is doubtful they would do that on a cap when it is not required as it is being struck internally.
It is reasonably safe to say these are for exterior use.

Another example of mine:



Ahhh, thanks for the pictures of the pins!
Those caps I have are somewhat smaller than No. 10/11 percussion caps.
Did not find any reference to the company…
Ah, well.