Tiny Toy Ammunition

I laughed when I read about collectors liking toy cartridges, then I realised I had a few in my collection. These are the smallest shown with a 4.25mm Liliput.
They are made of gold and red plastic. Must be a small pistol to fit these.


Very cool. I don’t believe I have seen these before.

the two on the left are for spring loaded toy pistols. You insert the “bullets” into a “barrel” and a mechanism holds it back on the groove. You pull the trigger and it’ released.

Thanks Desperado. I put these on the forum as a joke as the smallest rounds I owned.
I did not expect a reply so thank you.

The golden one is for the “Special Agent 707” series of bullet-firing pistols, lighters, cigarette boxes and transistors. It was made in the 1960’s by Red Box Co., Ltd., Hong Kong.

An the red one is for the “Mini-Mite” series of pistols, revolvers and carbines made in Hong Kong for Famous Corp. of Brooklyn, NY.

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Thanks Fede. I wonder why you did not give this info before. Nice collectable toys now.
I wonder what information you do not know. A wealth of knowledge.

Is it just my eyes, or does it look like the image, in front of the word “LIGHTER”, is of a complete round being “fired” from the lighter, not just a bullet?