Titles of various questions


Is there any way to carry the title of the questions over to the response page? I know that I am old, stupid and senile, but for the purposes of searching a thread, I try to use the same title that are on the question I am respnding to. The problem is, sometimes by the time I switzh pages, I have forgotten the exact wording. It would be a big help if the “Thread Title” appeared somewhere at the top of the Response page. No big deal - probably no one else has this problem or cares - it is only a very minor annoyance to me other than to remind me that I have no memory anymore.


John - you are not alone - I also find this pretty annoying, and have to remember to copy and paste the topic title into the title box on the response page, it would make my life far easier if it was done automatically!


I will pass this along to our resident IT expert and the webmaster for feasibility / prioritizing if it is feasible.

Although, I would ask that suggestions / requests regarding the operation of the site and various features be posted in the Practice Forum.



The one problem of using the “Practice Forum” is I doubt if , compared to the main forum, that very many people read that forum. There probably should be a seperate forum for “Technical Questions on Forum Operation” rather than putting them in the “Practice Forum”

But back to John’s question. As a stop gap way of doing what John wants is to use Cut-and-Paste from the original posts header title. I agree that it would be nice if it automaticly was inserted since the box for it appears at the top of the response page already.


While it is true fewer people visit the Practice Forum than GD - and much less regularly, staff do keep an eye on it as well. Suggestions / queries don’t need to have weight of numbers behind them. If it is technically feasible, generally it will be put on the “to-do” list.

The next issue, and a critical one, is the resources available to tweak code. We have a single volunteer who has put a LOT of work into this, but he has a life in the real world, too. At this point, I believe additional spam protection is at the top of the list. There are many things which would improve the site incrementally in one way or another, but keeping the trash out takes precedence and the other items will come as the resources are available.

The phpBB software is “open source” - meaning it is written, updated and maintained by a group (a large group) of volunteers who take the initiative to improve the features in a somewhat random fashion and put the new code out for others to incorporate it into their operations - or not. This is much more flexible than proprietary products such as the bugware produced by Bill Gates’ company, but the downside is that those responsible for any site’s code must review a large amount of potentially useful tweaks and then test the modules selected for function / compatibility with the existing structure . . . this takes time. And caution; believe me, I’ve seen sites where modules were added without such precautions and the subsequent crashes were in some cases absolutely disastrous.