TKM Techcrim, Russia, .45 RUBBER Traumatic Cartridge Made From Refurbished WW2 .45 ACP Cartridges

This has probably been discussed before but I came across a notice from Techcrim, dated March 1st, 2017 concerning some Techcrim produced traumatic cartridges ( with good images. Below is a section from the notice concerning the .45 RUBBER traumatic cartridge, note the headstamp " R A 42 ". Obviously made from refurbished/reutilizing US WW2 Lend Lease .45 ACP cartridges. Click on the image for a larger view.


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Very interesting! I wouldn’t mind having some to play with; anyone know if they got imported to the USA?

Interesting that they would make “Rubber” rounds out of surplus cases. I have a fired case with headstamp “TEHKRIM 45 RUBBER” headstamp, although the company name I have type in our alphabet is actually in Cyrillic, which I can’t duplicate here. It is longer with a totally different crimp that that show above.

John Moss

Obviously made for a purpose built
Discharger…as .45ACP headspaces on Mouth, and these Rubber ball cartridges are crimped
Over, making a shorter OAL, they would not chamber properly in 45ACP standard chamber Eg M1911 Colt).
Translation of Russian Text may give an idea of Discharger type.

They must still have millions ( if not billions) of rounds available to
warrant this sort of rework!.
Probably reprimed as well, given the 1942 primers may be cactus as well.

Doc AV

Very true - on all accounts!

So far all Tekhkrim loads had new primers as this was the whole point of reusing WW2 stocks.

MP80-13T in caliber 45 Rubber

Example photos below from a current online listing for 45 RUBBER ammunition for sale:

Enlarged image of the headstamp, WCC 42, note the new primer.

Google translation of the ammunition description provided at the above listed website-

Designed for firing pistols from the MP-80-13T, MP-353 models and other civilian firearms of limited destruction of caliber 45 Rubber, which provides muzzle energy when firing, not exceeding 91 J.”

Description on the box:

Manufactured using original 45 ACP cartridge cases, with foreign manufacturer’s markings on the bottom.


I wish they would expot this stuff. I would love to have one of those Makarov Pistols. Hard to believe they could alter the PM to fire even a rubber-bullet cartridge of that diameter in a PM. I would even like to have just the magazine out of one.

John Moss

I wonder what legal status this pistol has in US? Is it considered a “firearm”, in which case it needs to be licenced? This gun can’t fire regular ammo, only weakened special non lethal ammo, and is allowed for civilians in Russia (they can’t have regular ammo pistols). If it is not a firearm, then anyone can buy/sell it without a pistol permit in US.
If one fires regular ammo, the weakened barrel of this gun blows up.

Vlad, regular (life) ammo will not fit these guns, this is a basic design rule for such weapons.

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The problem is always whether or not the US will allow importation of these from Russia, and even if they will, of getting one out of Russia, as it certainly is not profitable for a company to ship just a few items to the U.S. In this country (the USA), despite all of the ridiculous efforts to basically and eventually outlaw virtually all gun ownership here, there is still, at least at the present time, little market for less-than-lethal firearms here. We can still have pistols that fire lethal ammunition in most places in the country, even if they make you jump thru hoops to get them.

Unfortunately. In my case, I would obtain each and every version of the Makarov in the various “special” calibers, like 9 mm PA, .45 Rubber, etc. I doubt, though, that it is even possible. Aside from the fact that US authorities don’t allow much in Russian, Chinese, etc. weaponry directly from those countries to enter the USA, there is also the problem that depending on what or what not has been done to the frame of the pistol, the “legal firearm” in this country, even with no other parts in it. If the frame (receiver) can be easily converted back to a real lethal firearm, then it is “a gun” regardless of what the rest of the parts make it in reality. For the cartridge collector, the availability or non-availability of the gun in their country often determines whether or not the ammunition is ever made available. Then, the only way we can add the cartridges is if another collector in a country where they are widely sold can supply any (bringing some to an American show, or an American getting them at a European show) and then only if BATFE will allow that particular caliber, manufacturing source, cartridge type, etc. into the country.


John M.

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