Tm 43-0001-27

I have 2 questions about it. My edition is 29 April 94, Is there a later one? Secondly does anyone know of/have a British equivalent of this? Or any of the below:
TM 43-0001-26
TM 43-0001-27
TM 43-0001-28
TM 43-0001-29
TM 43-0001-30
TM 43-0001-36
TM 43-0001-37
TM 43-0001-38
TM 43-0001-39


British manuals are made only for certain types of ammunition for one particular gun or one particular caliber. There is (to my limited knowledge) no huge manual covering all bore launched ammunition like the TM 43-0001-27 and 28.

From the TM 43-0001-series are at least the following do exist:
TM 43-0001-28-3_Interoperable Ammunition_1986
TM 43-0001-28_Artillery Ammunition Data Sheets_1994
TM 43-0001-29_Hand-Rifle Grenades_1994
TM 43-0001-30_Rockets_1981
TM 43-0001-31_Equipment Data Sheets_1985
TM 43-0001-36_Land Mines_1994
TM 43-0001-37_Military Pyrotechnics_1994
TM 43-0001-38_Demolition Materials_1994
TM 43-0001-39_Cartridge Actuated Devices_1991
TM 43-0001-47_Ammunition Peculiar Equipment_1993
TM 43-0002-33_Destruction of Conventional Ammunition_1993

My next door neighbor is a recently retired U.S. Marine Ordnance Officer and when he retired I put in a suggestion that any unclassified manuals dealing with ammunition be routed to his next door neighbor. I then learned he had only a very small book shelf, holding nothing about ammunition as everything was on the computer (access only if you had the right codes & such). So … likely the same in your neck-of-the-woods?


I currently have (all in .pdf):
-26-1 (Chemical Defense Equiment '82)
-26-2 (Chemical Weapons and Munitions '82)
-27 (Small Arms Ammo -.22 to 30mm+Accessories for 5.56, 7.62 and .50+Fuses for 20,25 and 30mm+Link '94)
-28 (Artillery Ammunition Data Sheets '94)
-29 (Grenades '94)
-30 (Rockets '81)
-36 (Land Mines '94)
-37 (Military Pyrotechnics '94)
-38 (Demolition Materials '94)
-39 (Cartridge Actuated Devices '91)
-47 (Ammunition Peculiar Equipment '89)
0002-33 (Destruction of Conventional Ammunition '93)

If anyone wants them feel free to email me.

EOD-Do you have a copy of -28-3 you could send me?
Are there even manuals on individual cals in the British system?

Pete-I’m a Kiwi so they will probably be in .txt file on a DOS computer somewhere if they even exist.