TM 9-1300-203, 1967. ARTILLERY AMMUNITION. Excellent manual for those interested

Found this PDF on the web:,%20Artillery%20Ammunition.pdf

The PDF is 57MB.

Covers artillery ammunition 37mm on up, recoilless rifle ammunition, mortar rounds and fuzes. If this interests you then save a copy of this PDF!!!


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Bulletpicker has a very extensive library of declassified US military documents on pdf. Here is the main index:

Below is a screen shot of just some of the topics covered:

There is also a section on explosive fillers, ordnance and fuzes:




Great job! Thanks for extensive listing.


Thanks to BulletPicker for posting those exceptionally useful references.

It would be good to get his permission to also get them posted in IAA reference site in case his ever goes away.

John S, is my site. Everyone of those PDF files are public domain. I collected them over the years when I was doing UXO/EOD work. As far as I’m concerned anyone can do what they like with them.



I also downloaded a number of files from your website. Thank you for making them available.

Ted, thanks!
You had some files there I did not have before. Much appreciated.

Ted, I would also like to say thanks for making those files available. I came across your site recently when I acquired a 5"/38 HC projectile (inert of course) and have learned much from the documents you have on your site.