TM9-1904 Ammunition Inspection Guide, 1944

I ran across this, TM9-1904 Ammunition Inspection Guide, March 1944. An unbelievable amount of ammunition information is contained in it. It’s over 800 pages, and can be downloaded in a number of formats - PDF, Kindle,etc.

DennisK, thanks for sharing the link. Yesterday I downloaded another scan of it from a commercial source (much larger file) on which my following remarks are based.

The title is a little misleading in my opinion, so readers might get something other than expected. The manual is mainly a basic description of Army ammunition types from .30 cartridges to 4000 lbs aerial bombs -including packaging- with a lot of illustrations. I believe it is addressed at the soldiers working at depots or in the field who handle ammunition, transport it and do external checking.

I had expected that “Inspection Guide” refers to the detailed procedures of accepting ammunition lots from a manufacturer. This is described only in a very global way (for example the pressure, velocity and mean radius requirements for .30 ball M1, M2, AP M2 and tracer are metioned).

So it is a comprehensive catalogue of Army ammunition types in use at the time. (This will probably be obvious to the American collectors but not to those from abroad, I think.) As such it is an outstanding document.