Today’s special

Dear All ,
I am again here to kindly ask your support to learn about this ammo found today . Unfortunately this is the best picture I got .
Many thabks in advance
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I attach the picture newly as I may have missed somethingimage

Good evening Piero

A headstamp is not always enough for identification but I think this could be a Mannlicher-Carcano (in 6,5 mm). It seems it’s badly damaged but can you nevertheless give a picture of the complete case? And maybe the approximate length?

A little judicious cleaning would make this one much easier to ID. It certainly is the Italian headstamp format, but as is, it is hard to make out the information necessary to ID it just from the headstamp.

John Moss

B-4?, inspector LN (Nicola Leggiadre). BOLOGNA.
Normal M91/95 cartridge case.

Doc AV

Many thanks . In relation to cleaning I put it into a bath of anti calcium liquid but I am not sure this is the correct product procedure . Is there any previous thread which suggest how to deal with them ? /one more question about this one . Is it assumed this ammo was only used on military purposes or could have been used foe hunting as well ?

And it s clearly B-35

Two case cleaners are available, Citric acid and plain white vinegar.
Will clean even the most oxide or dirt encrusted brass.
Thanks Piero for the B-35 ID…my phone doesn’t magnify enough for proper decifration of oxidised markings. Should use my computer.
Doc AV
Ballisticus Pedemontanus Cis-Padanus Cuneensis.
Exilium in Terram Australis

I see it pretty clearly as T.M B-35.

Indeed and thanks Astrid ( da Cuneo ? ) will follow your advice . So do you thonk this was used only for military purposes or was accessible to population for hunting purposes ??