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7.92 x 33 pressure gauge, manufacturer SB circa 1956.
I’m sorry for the bad photos.
FrantaKurz N Kurz D


Why it is SB and not dou.= PS?and why 1956.Do you have any documents?

Brown primer I know only from dou.?

Norbert Berg


such cases were found in an S&B context, if not at S&B itself. These primers, we are talking about late after WW2!, in fact were blackened, so marked as being corrosive, and they were used by PS and S&B. Not to mention, if 1956 is the correct time frame the SAA production in PS had already been seased.



I am a little confused by the statement that by 1956 “the SAA production in PS had already been ceased.”

In my own collection, I have 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridges from PS, using the “aym” headstamp code, from 1995 to 2002, and I have a PS-headstamped commercial round dated 2003.

Was this an instance of resuming SAA production sometime after being shut down c.1956?

John Moss

John, after Czechoslovakia separated into the Czech and the Slovak Republic aym = PS reopened the SAA production. Admittedly sloppy statement by myself.
I should have said that PS seased SAA production in the early 50s until it was resumed after the split into CZ and SK for a few years instead. Sorry for this!

Hans can you show brown primers from S&B.
The gas pressure case in my collection with the brown primer has two holes under the primer .The production with two holes ended by ak with the lot ak 11 44 and by dou with the dou St+ 5 44.I believe the cases are from WWII 1944 dou production.I have also 8x33 cartridges without haedstamp ,two primer holes and brown primer only with cn bullets in my collection also with the brown primer. ak made in 1946 new cases SB -1 46 also with one primer hole.


All I can say my black primer cases have 2 vent holes. After the peaceful revolution during one of the very first collector shows there they were given to me with the words, cases and cartridges were made by S&B in the mid 50s in low numbers. Side by side with the few late ak and dou. cartridges I have the cases rather resemble of being rim trimmed in ak than dou.
The possibly stuffed cartridges I saw at that time and after all had tombak plated SmE type bullets

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Hans - perfect clarification! No need for apologies. It just thru me back a bit because I had not realized that PS had stopped making SAA in the mid-1950s. Perfectly clear now. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Pure observation of cartridges in my collection should have made me realize that.


Hi, if interested, I can send some drawing. SB 44 SB 51
send me an email.

Franta, what ever drawings you may have would be interesting to see.

I would rather send an e-mail than a forum, I do not know if these drawings are already declassified.

Franta - What is the subject of the drawings. I am especially
interested in anything to do with the 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridge
(vz. 82). Also other auto pistol documentation. I don’t want to
waste your efforts with rifle, revolver, or large caliber
ammuniton. I save items on every type of ammo, but I am so far
behind in my filing of material, that I am now limiting additions
to cartridges of personal interest to me. I actually have about 8
linear feet of articles, drawings, etc. that I have not filed yet,
and at 80 years old, will likely never get filed now.

  I appreciate your offer, regardless of what the subject of the

drawings are, however. Thank you.

John Moss

Dear friend, Makarov 9 mm is not my hobbies.
But my friend is finishing a super book about 9mm Makarov.
His name is Mr. Petr Voboři and he has a lot of beautiful and professional books.
If interested, I can forward the contact.
A beautiful day

Please send me the drawings.I have only the ak drawing V 1263 Naboj 43 m.E. from 22.03.45 and the bullet drawing V 314 from 9.4.45.
I need all information to improve my book about the development and production of the Kurzpatrone 43.

Norbert Berg

it is possible that ak made the cartridges but all the cases without haedstamps come from dou. because ak has only the 45° extractor groove( exception ak St 1 44) and not the 60°.Also the nc bullets come from dou.

Norbert Berg

Hello Mr. Berg,
drawing I have V 1239 V1263 V 46
What I don’t have is your email.

Franta, just click on 8x33 and then on message. This is always a PM.

I sent to this email

Is it right?