Today's finds

These came from the same antique mall and the same seller. I wish they’d just put me in touch with the guy that’s selling this stuff, but they won’t…I guess it would eat into their commission.

Anyway, I picked up a (L-R):
-20x102 M56A3 HEI: live with empty fuze

-20x110HS M99 TP: live
20 G
TP M99
Rotating Band: PMC 1-23 51 20MM M99

-20x102 T283E1 Experimental Dummy (a duplicate for me, but at a good price)
Rotating Band: HVM-20-6 5 20MM T283E1

-30 WECOM XM193B1E1 empty aluminum case (I didn’t have an aluminum one yet)



Here’s what was left after I picked out what I wanted: