Tokarev question


I have this packed with tokarev cartridges
headstamp 10 55
Is this a scarce packaging??


I can’t see the pic here at school, much too dangerous, but it is probably the standard Bulgarian 16 round packet. The headstamp is pretty common.

Now I can see it, standard packet.


Jonnyc thanks for the info.


  • @ gyrojet: If I’m not wrong, those 7.62X25 Tokarev rimless rounds of Bulgarian manufacture from early or mid-1950s are too “hot” to be fired by a pistol. Liviu 09/02/10


The internet rumor is that the pink packets are actually Proof loads that somehow got out (3 * 10 52). There may have been a bad lot or two, but it pretty much an unsubstantiated rumor/myth.