Toledo 44-40 wcf question

I have just picked up this interesting 44-40 round, the headstamp is F N T 1932 the bullet has a large flat nose and is either a FMJ or is tinned ?? and a large flat brass primer ,my question is that it has the characteristics of a military round, ie. bullet type and dated headstamp, did it have a military use ? Hogg on page 93 of his book states that this headstamp mark FNT was last used in 1932 could it be a commemorative round ? hope someone can answer these questions. thanks Randy

Firstly, let me correct a possible misinterpretation of the headstamp shown as number 792 on page 92, and described on page 93, of “The Cartridge Guide,” by Ian Hogg. I am sure that when he mentions this headstamp was used until 1932, he is talking of the STYLE of the headstamp, not simply any use of the initials “FNT” (F

John, it could be hard to find someone here in Spain with more information than you provided on your post. The Tigre was an excelent reproduction of the Winchester, and used widely in Civil War 1936-1939 in both sides, and after the war for hunting jabal

It is great how things happen … I was looking for one and the box to post a pic but I only found a round not the box, but also I found some cartrigides I have forgotten that I have in my collection … Moving problems …

Mine is PS (Pirotecnia Sevilla) 1945.

Thanks for the pictures 44RM Randy