Tom nelson

I am sorry, but my note sent today about the passing away of Tom Nelson went on badly, due to a keyboard problem. This has been solved, so you can see the post under the incorrect title “interarm, asian a.s.o.”

Will you please excuse me for it.


Very sorry to hear this.

Thanks for letting us know.

I have just been told that Tom is alive and well! A friend spoke to him a few minutes ago.

A touch of the Oscar Wildes “The news of my death is premature…”



Uncredible, but I got the supposed bad new from Jean Huon, I do not know how he got it… Now, I will have to check, tell him, and try to find who the hell managed to send such a reluctant hoax…

Some years ago, I was away for two days, and a huge funeral wreath was delivered at home in my name, some homonym of mine having got the good idea to pass away somewhere around… My wife was very happy!

So Let’s hope for a long life to our friend. Thanks, anyway for letting us know.


So happy!

What a great thread surprise!