Tony Edward’s Collection, Data Base, Web Site and Documents

I thought I would update everyone regarding Tony Edwards Data Base, Web Site, Documents and Collection.

I will start with his data base as this is the easiest. Tony documented all of the 2410 British Military Cartridges in his collection. This is an extremely valuable source of information which, with his wife’s agreement, should be freely shared with other collectors. For those more computer literate than me is there any way that I can post this on the forum so that others can download it?

As far as his Web Site is concerned I am looking for someone who would like to take on the task of running and updating the site. This will of course not be easy as Tony knew more about British Military ammunition than anyone I know. I favour the idea of it going to a younger collector. If anyone is interested in taking on the site please contact me.

I also need to find a home for Tony’s extensive reference collection which incorporates Peter Labbett’s and Freddy Mead’s papers. I already have two people that are keen to take this on but, to be fair to everyone, if anyone else is interested please contact me.

Finally, I need to dispose of Tony’s collection. He was keen that it should be kept together if possible. Equally I have a responsibility to raise as much as I can for Viv. As you will see from the data base (when I find out how to post it) the collection contains some very rare rounds. If anyone would like to purchase it complete please contact me.

At the moment nothing is fixed or firm and I would welcome any comments or alternative views.

You should be aware that I have posted this information on the BOCN web site as well as Tony was a frequent contributor there.



That’s a link to the site, but how does one download it?

Is there any plan to scan Tony’s reference collection to allow IAA members access to it? It’s too valuable a resource to be lost to the collecting community.


Hello Ian,
First, I would like to say that it’s sadness Tony Edward’s passed away, it’s a great lost for cartridge collectors.
I used to go on his website to take informations on british ammunition.
So When I learn about his demise, I decided to download these informations on my computer just in case his website dessapear…
So I had downloaded his website with a free software: “HTTrack website copier”. So now I cad access to these informations on my computer without to be connected on the web. The problem is just for update…
I also download another free software which let you able to modify HTML’s document: “BlueGriffon”, really easy to use and to modify documents.
Hope it will help.
Best regards