Tony Edwards

My thoughts are with his wife & family Tony will be missed by many people for many different reasons, I have some good memories of Tony, he was always happy to tell me all about a round I had found and then would give me a bollocking for not going and finding out all about it my self in one of his books.

R.I.P. Tony really glad I got to chat with you earlier this year you will be missed dearly.

The website of Tony’s that John Moss refers to is here:

I will truly miss Tony. Lots of email’s of questions and answers helped me greatly. I figured something was up, as last months email went unanswered.

R.I.P. and condolences to the family.


My sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

Us young’uns in the field must work harder to catch up, I guess, so that we can carry the torches of the greats after they pass. It’s truly worrying how ephemeral much of the knowledge seems to be.

Very sad to hear this.

R.I.P. Tony

Condolences to all his family.


I join in the sorrow at the loss of a fine gentleman who has contributed to much to our hobby. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends.

However, Tony’s legacy need not end with his passing.

As part of IAA’s education mission, I would STRONGLY urge that the IAA seek permission from Tony’s heirs to copy his entire website and shift it to the IAA site so that the vast knowledge contained there can be preserved.

As an immediate step, I would urge that his site content be downloaded immediately to preclude its loss by failure to renew a domain name or pay hosting bills or something which can happen at any time.

I agree with JohnS.

After all the work and research Tony Edwards put into his “free to the public” website it would be a lasting tribute to have it maintained and made available by the IAA.


In work! We are trying to figure the best way, and of course get permission of the family.

Tony has been a good friend since the mid-70s. He and Herb Woodend and I have spend many evening over some whiskey or good Indian food. Much simpler days for collectors, but also much less known. Tony has done great work to make sure the information was available. I already miss Tony and will continue to miss him. It is hard to think about these two, and other great collectors, and think how much the community has lost with their departure.

We can’t hold onto them, but we can hold on to the information and knowledge they consolidated and created. I have mentioned this in another, earlier thread. We need to get serious about this and not lose the vast amounts of information that collectors have put together. This is not just an IAA problem, and I have talked to the ECRA about it. Hopefully there is an opportunity here.

What is required is some who are willing to help with this task. As we figure out how it might be done, we will ask for help.


My condolences go out to Tony’s family and friends - truly a great loss.

Regarding the preservation of his site, aka The Wayback Machine maintains historical snapshots of a large swath of the web. Tony’s site has one entry as of August 18th but it is largely incomplete. I will spend some time clicking through individual pages on his site to add them to their archive.

It’s not really a substitute for having a proper archive maintained by an organization such as the IAA, but it is a useful resource nonetheless.

A very sad news, he was a great guy… I have his books, actually a mine of data… All my condolences to his relatives and family.


Rest in Peace Tony. Goodbye to a true friend and fellow collector.

I first got in touch with Tony via the original forum in 2006 when I was 15 years old. In the years since then he taught me an unparalleled amount of ammuntion knowledge. This was both in person and via his very well researched and written books. It was a pleasure to travel to meetings at Bisley, Hull and Beyond with him. These will never be the same without him.

I apologise for not posting this sooner. I have been away from home for a few days and the IAA forum was blocked where I was staying.

My condolences to Tony’s friends & family.

I do much more reading here than posting, but I have never failed to learn something reading Tony’s posts.

Truely sad news. My condolences to Tony’s friends & family.

Lew, I have no idea how to head up such a project but I would be willing to help out with whatever I can.


Horribly sad news!

While I have never met, Tony in person, he was always so nice and helpful to me. Just a wonderful, man. May he rest in piece. My extreme thoughts and condolences go out to all of his family and many friends. Even though I focus my collection to inert, large bore, tank fired DS specimens, I loved visiting and learning from him and his amazing web site. I wish I could have had the honor of meeting him in person at SLICS.


As I am new to collecting Tony’s were the first books I bought, then he recommended other books. only met him once and he was always happy to answer my emails. Thank you for getting me started …paul.

Condolences to all his family and friends.

I would very much like to add my sincere tribute to Tony , I last met him a couple of years ago at Bisley in the company of Falcon on a lovely day out. However, I conversed with him endlessly. He was the very embodiment of the great guy you wanted to call your friend. My address book is starting to look more like a roll of honor!

I just feel bewildered that so much knowledge and experience at that incredible level can be lost just like that. Not just about cartridges either, his knowledge of the weapons they went in was just as vast. I believe it was Dr Tony Edwards, I think he was awarded a PhD for his research.

Life is so very cruel! Tony had so much more that he wanted to do. So much more still on the drawing board he was just buzzing with ideas and plans it was amazing. He was Lebbatt’s heir in every sense, I hope they are together somewhere chewing the fat! goodbye Tony, from a friend

Last night on PBS NOVA there was a great film clip on the work that Tony Edwards did about the development of the Buckingham Cartridge. First time I ever seen it. Have to find out more about this. RIP Tony!

Here is the thread on Tony’s PBS episode:

Also, a link directly to the PBS website:

If anyone has not viewed this episode and are interested in WWI history, it is worth the watch!


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Its hard to describe the full impact Tony Edwards had on the cartridge collecting community, to say that his impact was extensive would be an understatement.

If you use the search function here on the Forum and type in Tony Edwards, 125 entries show up.

If you search the IAA Journal index (available by clicking on the MEMBERSHIP & JOURNAL, white letters in the gray bar at the top to this page) you will see that Tony (listed under Edwards, A. O.) wrote 11 articles for the Journal on British Ammunition.

Matt Collins listed the web address (above in this thread) for Tony’s extensive web page on British ammunition, you should scroll up, click on the link (in blue) and check it out.

He wrote books on cartridges and he was a major contributor to ECRA (European Cartridge Research Association) and BOCN (British Ordnance Collectors Network).


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