Tony the ordnance tiger

Hard to imagine anyone in this field of interest who does not know the name TONY WILLIAMS .

A prolific writer in the field and author of several really interesting and authoritative books including :

The Assault rifle
Flying guns WW1 ,WW2 , Modern era - 3 books
Raid fire - Machine guns - aircraft cannons

Great books

He has a web site with great photos and very few errors which has worldwide exposure. I have seen it cloned in Chinese , Japanese and Korean.

Since he started consulting the error level in this field has gone way down.

I encourage anyone interested in this field to buy or borrow his books and visit his web site. Great work !

A bit light on headstamps for my taste but that is “inside baseball” for ammo collectors.

I have a few of his books which are just spectacular! I love them and refer to them constantly.

Tony is definitely one of my all time favorite authors. I 2nd the fact that his web site is off the charts awesome. I go their all the time and not just to drool over his Israeli 60-mm APFSDS-T round pictured :-)



Awesome TW book collection, Hammer! They really are very useful and beyond interesting books!


It occurs to me that “Tony the Tiger” a popular American advertising charater may not be worldwide and thus the allusion may be a question. Do you folks in other countries know about “Tony the Tiger” ?