Tony Trezza - owner of Hi-Vel, passes


I just learned that Tony Trezza who was the owner/operator of the Delta, Utah specialty ammo manufacturer “Hi-Vel” passed away in July. If you go to the Hi-Vel website ( you can see the message about the site being down. If you were interested in getting any of his specialty ammo such as the solid-coper HP .25acp and .32acp “pocket pistol devastators” or his flare or incendiary rds, etc… then you might still find some at aa-ok or Hitechammotogo who sells some of his stock.

Back in the early 80’s Tony used to make little deep hollow points for .25 auto that were made of solid brass and which P.P.S. used to re-label and sell. This item oddly found itself under the auspices of the 1986 federal anti pistol-caliber AP ammo ban and had to be switched over to solid copper after that. After the ban, and even after P.P.S. folded, he continued selling those little copper hollow points in .25 & .32 up until his sudden passing a couple months ago.

I couldn’t find any real obit from a newspaper other than this online mention:


I find it sad, I never knew the man and I am all the sadder for that. You can sense his passion for ammo. I don’t feel we will see his like again. If any member of the forum is in contact with his family please pass on our condolences and tell them that we recognise his achievements .


I dito the words of, Vince. He sounded like a great man.