Tool Blank- MF stud driver type

Got a blank today and I’m not quite sure what it is. It appears to be a .303 Brit cutdown to 28.9mm. The headstamp is MF/54/7, which would support the cutdown theory as, by the list on the front page, MF is “Small Arms Ammunition Factory No. 1, Footscray, Australia” and I assume the 7 would refer to Mk 7 ammo. So, any ideas as to what calibre? I guessed at 5 in 1 Blank. Dimensions on drawing below

I have cut-down .303 cartridges used as movie blanks in .44-40 rifles, but yours falls a little short for this, I think.

I am afraid I cannot see the picture.


here we go:

Tool charge…MF cases were assembled in several lengths for powering special “Stud” fixing tools ( steel studs were blasted into “I” beams in steel construction, for the concrete to grab onto ( Concrete covered Steel frame Building)

Several lengths (and Charges) were made; I had a almost complete box of “shorts” (Green charge), and can’t remember if they were assembled at Footscray, or only the cases supplied by them.

The Fore-runner of “Ramset” and “Hilti” nail and stud fixing guns.

Disappeared from the market in the mid 1960s to 70s, replaced by more modern Steel BUilding construction methods.

They are definitely NOT “5-in-1” type blanks…in fact the charge could wreck any gun it was fired in, especially if a barrel restrictor is used…

Doc AV
Brisbane, Australia.

Thanks Doc.
My one has a red wad, does that make it a “red” charge or do they all have red wads with strength more to do with length?

Falcon5NZ-I don’t know how the charges were figured, or what determined the overall length, but I had the following in my .303 collection before I broke it up and sold it:

OAL 1.142", Yellow Wad, MG 44 VII
OAL 1.142", Red Wad, MH 45 VII
OAL 1.134", Green Wad, MW 45 VII
OAL 1.146", Red Wad, MF 57 7
OAL 1.142", Red Wad, MF 54 7 with overstamped “RAMSET” headstamp
OAL 0.768", Green Wad, MH 43 VII with overstamped “RAMSET” headstamp
OAL 1.153", Purple Wad, MF 54 7 with overstamped “RAMSET” headstamp