Tool identification help please

Hi All, please help with identifying the purpose of this tool.


It is a cutting tool of sorts that came with a cleaning kit given to me. the kit had shotgun and various other items together.

The front fits perfectly into a 12 gauge barrel, the long shafted section is 6mm diameter, it has what looks like a section for stripping something where the sigaret is inserted to show size.

Any ideas?? Choke removal tool maybe???



OK so i found it!!! Combination Regulator-Scraper, NSN 4933-01-033-1504. Used for cleaning M240-series machine guns.

Figure 3-20. Tools for cleaning the gas regulator plug inlet holes.

Figure 3-21. Cleaning of the gas regulator plug grooves.

(5) Clean the gas cylinder with the special tool scraper-extraction combination tool.

(a) Clean the front interior of the gas cylinder by carefully inserting the combination tool, with the handle upward. Be sure the tool is fully inserted and seated against the gas cylinder. Apply slight pressure to the handles and turn clockwise to remove carbon

Info found here:

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