Tools of the Trade?

In The Guide to Cartridge Collecting a Pilot SCA-UF marking pen is suggested. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding this particular marker. Could you folks give me some alternative suggestions?

I would also like to know how people mark paper shotshells… or do they? I would think any ink on paper would be a NO-NO.

I use a Staedtler Lumocolor pen ( used on CD,DVD and plastic ).
It can be easily removed even using the fingers from a brass or steel surface and doesn’t leave any stains.

About shotshells,I usually write the code or the name around the metal head

We just had a thread on this not long ago, titled “Marking cartridges” and initiated July 19, 2008. The gang made lots of good suggestions on what to use and where to get them. Suggest looking at it again. A search under that name (or I think “Marking pens” brought up only three forum entries, so it was easy to find. As I recall from looking it up, there were seventeen entries on the thread.

Thank you John, found the post and now, armed with more information than an old sailor should hold, I am off in search of the elusive Pilot SCAUF marker! Wish me luck!

If you do a “Google” search for the Pilot model, several suppliers will come up, such as “” or “” I ordered a couple of boxes in black and blue.
Good luck.