Topic Titles and Forum Content!

The IAA is a corporation organized under Section 501c of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code and is considered a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to collecting and research of ammunition. The IAA is required to submit an annual IRS form justifying the continued existence of the organization and providing our financial activities. This is the foundation of the IAA’s legal existence.

In addition the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a law enforcement agency in the United States’ Department of Justice, recognizes us as a professional organization and accepts that ammunition shows endorsed by the IAA are professional events and therefor will issue an ATF Form 6NIA authorizing foreign citizens to import ammunition into the US if they have a formal invitation from the IAA.

The foundation of both of these rests with the Journal and the Forum and to an extent the content of the IAA website.

It is critical that the Forum is clearly professional function of the IAA promoting the study of ammunition.

I have been concerned by some aspects of the Forum which do not appear to meet these standards.

Topic Titles: It is critical that the topic titles accurately describe the content of the topic. “What is this?” or “What Thing?” or “I can, can you?”, or " Identification" or “empty box” are basically useless titles. Please be more specific and when more information becomes available, the originator of the Topic should change the title so that the topic is more specific and more easily found by other users of the Forum.

Content of some Topics: At the top of the Forum header above on the for right is a button labelled “FORUM” which provides the rules. Please read and follow them!

A key to the future of the Forum and the IAA is to keep the Forum professional and on topic!

Your help is appreciated!



Lew, good you are pointing it out repeatedly.

In particular new members tend to not fully read the forum rules and are posting things like they are doing in common forums in loose language style.
Sure with no bad intent and more based on ignorance.

What if the moderators just change thread titles without prior notice and leave a note in the first posting (in a bottom line) where the reason is given like: “The thread title got changed to reflect the actual subject”.
I guess nobody will take offense in this.

And as we are on it:
For some reason I can edit thread titels of other people (not the actual posting itself).
I have no explanation for this and I wonder now if I am entitled to actually do this - and other people too.
I saw many thread titles I would have liked to adapt for the reasons you gave above but did not dare to interefere without having an official and recognized permit. And I wonder if all can do since this could cause confusion.
This is a bit irritating.

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@EOD, not everyone can. Based on how often people use the forum and the actions they take on the forum it will automatically grant different trust levels. There are currently 97 people who are trust level 3 and can edit titles or reorganize topics into different categories.

There are no trust level 4 people as that is manually assigned.

So many of the people who use this forum daily and are actively involved can edit the posts such as the "What is This? titled and give them better titles such as "What is this? (Answer given as as a 20x159R APX AT gun cartridge) and even add tags.

From the documentation,

Trusted users with high trust levels may edit content from other users.

The trusted_users_can_edit_others site setting, which is on by default, allows Trust Level 3 and Trust Level 4 users to edit other user’s content on the site. The capabilities it gives to a user depends on their Trust Level.

Trust Level 3

Trust Level 3 users can edit topic titles and recategorize topics that are in a category they have permission to create topics in. Trust Level 3 users cannot edit archived topics or personal messages.

Trust Level 3 users cannot edit the content of other user’s posts.

Trust Level 4

Trust Level 4 users can edit topic titles and recategorize topics that are in a category they have permission to create topics in. Trust Level 4 users can edit archived topics, but they cannot edit personal messages.

Trust Level 4 users can edit post content for topics they have permission to create posts in.

The Trust levels also limit new users from spamming or posting 100 topics right in a row, etc.


Aaron, this is very informative, thanks!
I was not aware before.

Would that mean that level 3 members also can actually do this “officially” without original posters/thread creators being offended or being criticized for this?
If I happen to be amongst these people (looks like) I gladly will help to rename threads propperly since these things are catching my attention for a long time already.
Just want to be sure it is ok with everybody.

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I just had a thread re-named or should I say added to. I changed it again to a what I felt was proper, The post title could have perhaps needed more help but there didn’t seem to be any tags reflecting this subject

My point being if a thread title is changed the person who started the thread should be given the notice and opportunity to change the post before it reflects some other persons opinion of what it should reflect.


Sounds good to me.
It just should be bound to a time frame as some people are showing up seldomly and a thread will remain maliciously named for long if not for good.

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From the text “cannot edit personal messages”, does that mean the the moderators are able to read personal messages not sent to them?

No, moderators and any of the people we talked about above don’t have access to view personal messages.

Thanks for the response.

Another issue that I have mentioned in the past is that there is no way to delete personal messages with this current forum software.

When the forum was first moved to this system, messages dating back as far as ten years reappeared in my PM inbox. These are messages that I had previously deleted and forgotten about with the old software. I assume that they reappeared as they were still in the receiving member’s inbox. There is no way to that I can see to remove them.