[quote=“Yuri Bushin”]Also I see what sometimes people sharing here documents and reports. Why not to make IAA Documents are where those who want contribute documents could upload them for public access and keep them for a long time? It could be done as part of forum and even access could be limited if necessary.

Interesting idea. I will run it past the “powers that be.” I would lean toward a separate forum such as we have for “Announcements” but, again, toward having links rather than the actual documents. Taking only this particular document, that would consume 8+ MB to post the entire thing - which would accommodate at least 65 photographs if they were stored on our server (and we don’t have even that capacity - yet).

All these things require storage / server capacity, which increases costs. They also require labor hours to set up and administer. Both resources are in limited supply. There are SO many things we can do with this site . . . . most are on “the list” for implementation when the resources are available.

And yes, I owe you replies for several eMails / PMs.



You are right. Just to make organized source of documents links and thumbails if avaliable.

[quote]And yes, I owe you replies for several eMails / PMs.

Yes but I know you are busy. not a problem! :)


Wikipedia would be a great place to post such items.