Laurent–I don’t know what happened to your pictures. The links look good. After posting them, did you leave them on Photobucket or did you remove them? Any way, you might want to try again. Just use CTL-C after clicking on the IMG (last line) in Photobucket, then use CTL-V to place them in your posting. Be sure to leave the originals on Photobucket.

The problem with the images was that the top option in photobucket (“Share URL”) was used, rather than the last one (“IMG Code”).

With the code string used, one uses the “[ url ]” and “[ /url ]” commands and it creates a link which takes the viewer to the specific photo on the hosting site. The '[ img ]" and “[ /img ]” commands direct the viewer’s browser to fetch the image and display it in situ, e.g.:


  • and -

'[ img ]" Shows the image “[ /img ]” (note, extra spaces added to make the usage clear) - here the code string didn’t match the commands.

Easy error to make; I’ve done it many times myself!


Looks like belgian Comblaine .

Measurements please : rim, head and mouth diameter, case and neck length.