Hope it is a healthy, happy one for everyone with some great goodies for your collections plus continued new information with old (and new) mystery’s solved.

keep your powder dry

Thanks Pete! You too.

Looking forward to the 2016 Southwest show ;)


Yes, good point Pete;

I’ll second that. All the best to everyone, let’s hope for some more pleasant surprises (cartridge wise that is)…


A happy and blessed 2016 to everybody!

All the best for 2016.
And hope we find some treasures.

Regards rené

Happy New Year to All and
Great collecting in 2016

Happy New Year. Those of us interesting in buying it will get a nice surprise for the New Year - HWS III is ready, according to an email from Mel. He will announce it on the Forum, I am sure. The wait is about over. Books are in his hands.

Happy New Years to all members, and non members. Best of health to all in the upcoming year!

A wish of good health and blessings to all.

Happy new year all cartridge collectors an their family’s.